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Why do you fall in love with Vi Wine®?



The main and most important thing, that is why we choose carefully. It must taste to us and especially to you. We choose only quality suppliers and wine with a clear origin. You will taste and see.


You must like wine at first sight. That's why we chose a simple, fresh design and a small, nice, cute can was created, which is very popular for photography. And you will have a lot of fun with her.


200 ml is the ideal size for wine. The can is practical, light and compact, so you can take it everywhere with you. Vi WINE you cool down once or twice and then you just enjoy in peace.


Plechovka je skvěle recyklovatelná a je možné ji zpracovávat v podstatě donekonečna. Jsme také členy iniciativy Zálohujme, která usiluje o zavedení záloh na plechovky v ČR. 

What does the Vi WIne® collection look like?


Vi WINE® - Black

Vi WINE Black - rybízové víno v plechovce
200 ml 5% alcohol
semisweet, currant
rich, ruby
intense, fruity
sweet currant
8 - 12 ° C
A unique combination of the unique Johannisbeerwein, blackcurrant wine and a drop of soda, which adds an even bigger flair to the wine and fine-tunes the real summer atmosphere.

Vi WINE® - White

Vi WINE - White víno v plechovce
200 ml 11.5% alcohol
semi-dry, white
sparkling golden yellow
honey - flower
harmonious, light, fresh
8 - 10 ° C
Semi-dry white wine with a pure fresh taste, will delight all lovers of classics. The practical packaging in a can opens up completely new possibilities for enjoying wine.

Vi WINE® - Secco

Vi WINE - Secco v plechovce
200 ml 11 % alcohol
dry, white, sparkling
soft golden
pleasantly honey
with a touch of fruit
8 - 12 ° C
Refreshing golden Secco with a balanced taste will appeal to all lovers of sparkling wines. Suitable for any occasion or just for fun. You will definitely not be bored with this can.

Vi WINE® gift packages

Dárkový balíček Vi WINE
different sizes and combinations
instant joy
for every occasion
made of eco material
wrapped with love
They are little nice, cute and will make you very happy. An original gift that is guaranteed to surprise you.

About us



The idea of making wine in cans began to haunt us in the autumn of 2016. Honza and Jana lived in Znojmo at the time, where wine is simply at every step. Eva returned from her pilgrimage to Spain and told us how a heavy bottle of wine in a backpack would speak. So logically we had to solve this problem. Can? YES! Great idea. In the spring of 2017, we founded the company and worked intensively to make it happen. In the summer of that year, we were already enjoying our first currant darlings.

We are members of the initiative, which strives for the sustainable handling of beverage packaging in the Czech Republic. This can be achieved through refundable deposits on PET bottles as well as cans. Unfortunately, aluminum cans are very much neglected in the currently set collection system, and this is a possible way to achieve efficient collection of valuable material from beverage cans.

wine in a can

We are the first in the Czech Republic and even in Europe to fill a single-type still wine into a can. We stand for quality also thanks to the top technology of the bottling plant in Austria and also by the fact that we carefully select wine from the best Austrian vineyards. We want the product we sell to be the best.

sustainability & responsibility

We at Vi WINE ™, even though we are still a small company, try to do business responsibly. All our packages are made of fully recyclable materials, and we also use recycled cardboard packaging for export packaging. You can easily sort the shipment from us and thus contribute to reducing the impact on the environment.

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